5 Reasons Why Frozen Yogurt Is A Perfect Profit Center In Florida


5 Reasons Why Frozen Yogurt Is A Perfect Profit Center In Florida

There is no question that Florida is perfect for realizing consistent annual profit and revenue from Frozen Yogurt sales.  In addition to the climate, why is frozen yogurt a perfect profit center for Florida?

Frozen yogurt has been booming since 2007.  Franchises like Menchies and SweetFrog continue to grow at exponential rates.  Ma and pa shops are starting up left and right.   Also in Florida, businesses like schools, convenience stores, mall kiosks, restaurants, resorts, gyms, mass feeding centers and many others are adding froyo to the their menu.   Why?  Let’s take a quick look.


People (and KIDS) want their sweets.  But the trend is about a healthier option.  Frozen yogurt is [can be] healthier than traditional ice cream.  More people are choosing frozen yogurt over ice cream. Nearly 50% of people surveyed eat frozen yogurt once per month.

Yogurt Consumption in the US

Credit: Muller & Quaker


Statistics support that the warmer the weather, the more inclined people are to eat frozen yogurt.  In Florida, the weather is perfect for offering frozen yogurt year-round.  Take today for example, it’s 80 degrees in Tampa Bay on December 10, 2013.  Not to mention the tourists are here looking for an escape from the snow and cold weather they left up north.


There is a vast variety of frozen yogurt products to satisfy everyone’s liking and needs.   Sugar-free, flavors, toppings – you can pretty much tailor the product to your specific region and community.  Give the people what  they want.


Adding a frozen yogurt kiosk doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.  Simply add it to your convenience store like RaceTrac.  Or add a counter-top frozen yogurt machine to your pizza shop or gym.


It doesn’t cost much to add frozen yogurt to your existing business.  And the return on your investment is pretty darn good, especially when companies like Yogurtiamo give away free product that virtually pays for the machine.

We hope the above provides you our insight as to why frozen yogurt is a perfect profit center in Florida.


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