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Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show 2013


Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show 2013 The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show 2013 is right around the corner.  FDS will be exhibiting showcasing Stoelting Soft Serve Yogurt and ice cream machines at Booth # 1210, along with Elmeco frozen treat equipment and Therm0-Kool reach-in blast chillers and shock freezers. What is this show all about?

Commercial Water Filtration System For Frozen Beverage Machines


Commercial Water Filtration Systems and Frozen Beverage Machines go hand in hand.  That is, if you want to offer the highest quality product to your customers.

Whether you operate a frozen beverage machine, frozen soft serve equipment or anything else that requires water, you run the risk of contamination if you are not using a water filtration

Hello frozen beverage and dessert equipment world!


Florida Distributing Source (FDS) is excited to announce that our new website is LIVE!  It’s been a long time coming but yes, we have finally given in to the technology movement and realize we need to connect with the food service industry in the most advanced ways.  You, our clients, deserve the best.  Just like with the Stoelting Froz