Commercial Slush Machines In Florida


Commercial Slush Machines In Florida

What are the top commercial slush machines in Florida?

This article seeks to shed light on some of the top commercial slush machines in Florida including the Elmeco and Electrofreeze brands.   Florida Distributing Source represents Elmeco.

Elmeco First Class

This top of the line commercial slush machine  has a double auger system ensuring the perfect mixing of cold drinks, slush, sorbets, yogurts and milkshakes. Cooling starts at the bottom, which means that every last drop of product is perfectly cooled. It is very quick to clean and its electronic system makes it simple to use.


Another top of the line commercial slush machine in Florida (THE BIGBIZ) offers great flexibility and takes up very little space on the counter. Easy to use and clean, it produces smaller quantities of granita enabling frequent change of flavours. It is ideal for generating large profits with a low initial outlay and practically non-existent maintenance costs. Available in 1- and 2-tank versions, with 6 litre capacity, the BigBiz is available in 4 colours: blue, amaranth, yellow and black. It offers an electronically controlled density system, auto-diagnosis, defrost option and drink cooler function.

Other commercial slush machines in Florida that may compare would be the following.

The Fuzion32 flavor system

As one of the top slush machines, this system allows you to mix your flavors of choice by adding to as much as 32 flavors. The beauty about it is that you need not make additional investments.

Arctic Swirl Flavor Blender

Thinking of adding a unique twist to your servings? This blender allows you to add candy, fruits, cookies to your soft serve, making for a delicious treat. It is certainly a reliable brand and a necessary addition to your business.

876c high capacity countertop slush machine

This is a high capacity brand of the top commercial slush machines and is a great investment as it helps you make profits with non-carbonated slush drinks (up to 5 flavors).

876 high capacity floor model slush machine is quite the performer. The machine dispenses a consistent smooth textured slush in a way that is easy and reliable. It is also simple to maintain on the owner’s part.

812 extreme-capacity slush machine is the ideal investment for business ventures with a huge demand for slush delicacies. The extreme capacity makes it quite endearing to many business owners.
DH10 countertop machine is a unique entity because it allows one to develop two distinct drinks as they so wish. It also prepares combinations to develop a personalized taste.
The CS700 gravity-fed countertop shake machine is designed with versatility in mind. It fits well on your countertop and is relatively easy to operate even as it helps you meet your production needs.


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