How To Clean A Frozen Yogurt Machine


How To Clean A Frozen Yogurt Machine

How To Clean A Frozen Yogurt Machine | Cleaning out your frozen yogurt machine can seem like a daunting task. We will show just how simple it can be using a Stoelting machine.

Starting with the disassembly of the machine, we must first empty the frozen yogurt machine by removing the hopper cover and the mix inlet regulator from the hopper.   Then simply turn the machine off and hit the cleaning button (again, these instructions pertain to the Stoelting F231 frozen yogurt machine.

Once the product in the barrel has melted, open the flow to drain.  Once drained, press the clean button to stop the auger.    Then fill the hopper with cool tap water and press the Clean button again.  Let it run for 30 seconds and drain the machine. Press the Clean button again to stop the auger.

Prepare your cleaning solution.  Fill the hopper with the cleaning solution and press the Clean button.   Drain and turn auger off by hitting the Clean button again.  And turn the machine completely off.

Next is the Machine Disassembly.  Please refer to the video below for detailed instructions.

One disassembled, you will need to sanitize again.  Refer to the video to learn how to clean a frozen yogurt machine.


Cleaning Instructions for a Stoelting F231


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