Elmeco Frozen Drink Machines

 Elmeco Frozen Drink Machines


Elmeco Equipment

Elmeco was created in 1961 thanks to the insight of its founder, the inventor of the first slush machine. Over the years, major investments in its organizational and IT systems have transformed Elmeco from a small

business into an industrial company; the latest development is its computerised data input, which enables the macro process from order intake to shipping to be totally automated. It has been awarded ISO 9002 (1996) and ISO 9001 (1998) Certifications. The positive trend was confirmed with the opening of a sales branch in the USA, aimed at strengthening Elmeco’s presence in the distribution channels overseas and emphasising its openness to international markets. Today over 65% of Elmeco’s turnover comes from exports to Europe, USA, Asia and South America, with 6000 machines produced every year and over 500 clients worldwide.


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FIRST CLASS Millennium

Its double auger system ensures the perfect mixing of cold drinks, slush, sorbets, yogurts and milkshakes. Cooling starts at the bottom, which means that every last drop of product is perfectly cooled. It is very quick to clean and its electronic system makes it simple to use.

    The 1-tank version contains 12 litres of a single product. This product is ideal for a medium-sized establishment.

    The 2-tank version contains 24 litres for 2 different products. Ideal for a large establishment.

    The 3-tank version contains 36 litres for 3 different products. Ideal for a large establishment wishing to offer a variety of products.



Elmeco Quickream Brochure Click HereQUICKREAM

Quickream is the latest innovation from Elmeco for preparation and serving of premium soft ice-cream product. Thank to the user-friendly electronic touchpad and patented dispensing system, it provides servings of approximately 70 grams (2.5 oz) each.

Features include:

Patented Total Cold refrigeration system keeps product at a constant temperature to the very last portion left in the machineThe drive shaft of each

Quickream unit which is manufactured with a Seal-Less patent, makes it uniquely the most hygienic & safest product of its kind on the market today

Portion control mechanism temperature and density control system programmable auto-defrost timer

Innovative removable external condenser air-filter makes the periodical maintenance a snap



Elmeco BigBiz Slush MachineTHE BIGBIZ

This slush machine offers great flexibility and takes up very little space on the counter. Easy to use and clean, it produces smaller quantities of granita enabling frequent change of flavours. It is ideal for generating large profits with a low initial outlay and practically non-existent maintenance costs. Available in 1- and 2-tank versions, with 6 litre capacity, the BigBiz is available in 4 colours: blue, amaranth, yellow and black. It offers an electronically controlled density system, auto-diagnosis, defrost option and drink cooler function.



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