Smoothies For Profit Margins In Florida Schools


Smoothies For Profit Margins In Florida Schools

Who says kids won’t eat their veggies? Turn Commodities Into Profit

Nutritional smoothies that students will love…

Hope you all had a great summer!  Now with the focus being back on the kids, it’s time for more nutritious meals and finding ways to generate new revenue.

Pinellas County Schools received a lot of accolades for innovative ways to offer meals to students, even during the summer.  For instance, they use commodities like sweet potatoes to make delicious smoothies that students love.

The following excerpt is from a story covered last month by the Tampa Tribune:

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“In middle schools, the 180 different foods provided by the USDA, such as canned yams and spinach, are used to make $1 smoothies that are “very popular,” Gerard said. Students and cafeteria staff hold competitions to come up with new combinations, she said.”



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