What Are The Top 10 Frozen Yogurt Machines

What are the Top 10 Frozen Yogurt Machines?

What are the top 10 frozen yogurt machines


There are a lot of parameters to choose from when getting frozen yogurt machines for your business. So what are the top 10 frozen yogurt machines (in no particular order)? We hope this article will shed some light.

Stoelting soft serve machine

The machine has a clear body that permits you to see the internal workings of your frozen yoghurt. With stainless steel panels and a digital display, this makes for a distinct product.

China soft ice cream machine

This machine is available for a very competitive price. With a traditional layout and a customizable display panel, this machine appeals to many business owners due to the ease of its use.

Taylor soft serve machine

This sleek machine ranks best and is available at the high end of the market. In spite of its target clientele, users need to note that there are quite a number of functions which sometimes make it easy to make mistakes leading to poor products.

Taylor crown machine

This machine has a very good texture. Its energy usage is just about 6032W, and it is fairly easy to use. Note that it lacks the stand and blades at purchase.

Stoelting F231 machine

Ranked among the top 10 frozen yoghurt machines, this particular brand has a standard capacity of 37 liters. With just 2496W, this is a great machine for many shops.

Electrofreeze SL500

This machine has a capacity of 40l and uses just 3328W. It is relatively easy to use and maintain.

The forte SS100

For a modest budget, you can get this machine that ranks as one of the top 10 frozen yoghurt machines. It has a capacity of 40l and uses 2830W, giving you value for your money.

The Donper BH7480

This machine provides you with a capacity of approximately 40 liters and uses 5600W. Service of the machine is contracted from a different company.

Wellspring WIM 310

The machine offers you a capacity of 29 liters. You need 2500W to operate the machine, and the spare parts are readily available.

Saniserv soft serve machine

There are various models of this brand, all with different specifications to meet your needs.


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