Why Elmeco Quickream Frozen Drink Machines


Why Elmeco Quickream Frozen Drink Machines

When looking to add a frozen drink machine to your business, there is a lot to take into consideration.  So why Elmeco Quickream frozen drink machines?

Elmeco Quickream Frozen Drink MachinesQuickream is the latest innovation from Elmeco, leading Italian manufacturer of premium frozen and cold-drink beverages dispensers. It has been created for preparation and serving of premium soft ice-cream product. Thank to the user-friendly electronic touchpad and patented dispensing system Quickream provides servings of approximately 70 grams (2.5 oz) each.

• Patented Total Cold refrigeration system keeps product at a constant temperature to the very last portion left in the machine

• The drive shaft of each Quickream unit which is manufactured with a Seal-Less patent, makes it uniquely the most hygienic & safest product of its kind on the market today

• User friendly digital touchpad incorporates: portion control mechanism temperature and density control system programmable auto-defrost timer

• Innovative removable external condenser air-filter makes the periodical maintenance a snap

Innovative Design

With its compact dimensions, smooth design and bright colors, Quickream’s panels give an operator plenty of space for PoS (Point of Sale) materials. Quick and easy to disassemble, the machine guarantees maximum hygiene for milk-based products.

Respect For The Environment

Thanks to the brushless drive system, dual-speed production process and stand-by temperature settings, Quickream reduces energy consumption and minimizes noise generated by internal components.  90% of Quickream is made with recyclable and reusable materials, which perfectly reflects Elmeco’s dedication to protecting our natural environment.

Brochure below:

Elmeco Quickream Brochure and Specs



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