Why Ice-O-Matic In Florida

Ice-O-Matic: A Look at Florida’s Newest Ice

Ice-O-Matic has designed and manufactured ice machines since 1952. As the commercial ice experts, that’s all they do – provide the right ice machine for the right application. And that begins by…

Selecting Your Shape:

Half Cube

Half cube ice is smaller and easy to handle. It’s great for blended drinks because the ice breaks down easier and creates a smoother, creamier finish. Versatile, half cube ice also works well in dispenser applications.

Full Cube

Full cube ice is a great compliment for cocktails because less surface area means less dilution of a cocktail’s flavor. Full cube ice also looks good and is ideal for large-volume applications such as bulk cooling.


Gourmet ice is all about the aesthetics. Uniquely shaped and crystal clear, it’s perfect for white tablecloth restaurants, fine dining, and high-end receptions. It can also add an air of elegance for restaurants and retail alike.

Pearl Ice®

Pearl ice is ideal for soda fountains and smoothies. Soft, chewable and long lasting, it dispenses smoothly, blends quickly and displaces liquid better than cubed ice. This leads to satisfied customers and higher profits, making Pearl Ice the ideal choice for restaurants and convenience stores.


Flake ice is ideal for food applications, as it maintains food hydration and extends shelf life. Flake ice can be used to preserve and enhance the appearance of seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, and more. It can also be used for perishable food transport.

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